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The Separation of Church and State

Posted by wordforit on January 27, 2008

Our founders had much to say about God’s place in government.

Contrary to popular opinion, the term “separation of church and state” is found nowhere in the United States Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, or any other founding document of this nation.  Yet for decades, some organizations and individuals have spread the myth that the words “separation of church and state” are found in the U.S. Constitution.  Because of this misinformation, the ACLU and its allies have used this phrase to persuade public officials to silence religious expression.

It was the intention of the Founding Fathers that religious faith should be encouraged, rather than discouraged.  Unfortunately, there are those today who would ignore this history of America, and the intentions of our founders.  ADF stands ready and willing to educate public officials on the true meaning of the First Amendment and help them stand up to the misinformation, intimidation, and fear used by the ACLU to silence the public expression of religious faith.

Americans United for the Separation of Church and State – “Separation of church and state is the only principle that can ensure religious and philosophical freedom for all Americans.”

ACLU – “The establishment clause requires the separation of church and state.” 

Freedom from Religion Foundation – “[The Freedom From Religion Foundation’s] purposes, as stated in its bylaws, are to promote the constitutional principle of separation of state and church, and to educate the public on matters relating to nontheism.”

People for the American Way – “[We] have fought resolutely over the past two decades to defend these principles and to preserve the wall of separation between church and state established by the First Amendment.” 

Family Research Council – “But much evidence, as set forth above, argues that the “wall” has been used in ways–rhetorically and substantively–that its architect almost certainly would not have recognized and, perhaps, would have repudiated.” 

WallBuilders – “Thomas Jefferson had no intention of allowing the government to limit, restrict, regulate, or interfere with public religious practices.”  

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Read “The Truth About Separation of Church and State” (.pdf) or (order this pamphlet)


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Baby Needs New Shoes

Posted by wordforit on January 1, 2008

Americans United for Separation of Church and State has long worked with the ACLU and others to eliminate religious freedom, step by step. Recent developments in South Carolina seem to indicate that the group takes “step by step” quite literally.

Laces4Love gives shoes to needy students. The program began in 2001 after founding members noticed schoolchildren wearing shoes that didn’t fit or were inappropriate for cold weather, and now distributes more than 12,000 pairs of shoes free of charge throughout two counties in South Carolina. But according to Americans United, this activity needs to stop.

Americans United has threatened school districts with legal action for allowing the ministry to donate shoes to its students because Laces4Love is a religious organization. It is outrageous (the understatement of the week) that those who champion the so-called “separation of church and state” would be so adamant in their stance that they are willing to ignore the material needs of underprivileged schoolchildren. This quote expresses it best:

“It is unconscionable to deny needy schoolchildren new shoes simply because the group sponsoring the program is a religious one,” said ADF Senior Legal Counsel David Cortman. “Instead of honoring acts of human kindness through this program, Americans United has once again used its bully tactics to try to prohibit a very worthwhile effort.”

A copy of the ADF letter sent to clarify the law and offer legal assistance to the Edgefield County and Aiken County school districts can be read at www.telladf.org/UserDocs/EdgefieldAikenLetter.pdf.

Rest assured that we have offered legal defense, free of charge, for both school districts should they face a court challenge. Laces4Love is providing a wonderful service to the community, and it would be our privilege to defend its rights from the bullying actions of Americans United.

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Pretty sad that some place an agenda against Christians above children needing shoes!

Matthew 10:22: “And ye shall be hated of all men for my name’s sake: but he that endureth to the end shall be saved.” 

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