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The Real Obama Story Exposed! Part II

Posted by wordforit on April 17, 2008

by JB Williams (author site)


Part I of this series(1) focused on the connections between Barack Obama, his heavy handed socialist cousin in Kenya and Obama’s roll in helping him come to power by way of violence. It covers information posed by an American missionary working in Africa and the African version of who Barack Obama really is…


In closing, I raised the question, where is all that Obama money coming from, since it can’t be coming from the “poor” Americans he claims to represent, and his campaign web site asks what country his donors are from, indicating that they may not be from America.

In Part II, I want to take a closer look at Obama’s international support, their idea of “change” and what roll the international community expects Obama to play in serving their agendas in the world.

Who’s Agent of Change?

“We like Mr. Obama, and we hope that he will win the elections.” – a sentiment shared by many American Obama supporters, however this statement was made by Middle East terror organization, Hamas’ top political adviser in the Gaza Strip, Ahmed Yousuf.

In an interview with WorldNetDaily(2), the isolated Hamas terrorist organization expressed “hope” Sen. Barack Obama will win the presidential elections and “change” America’s foreign policy.

“I hope Mr. Obama and the Democrats will change the political discourse. … I do believe [Obama] is like John Kennedy, a great man with a great principal. And he has a vision to change America to make it in a position to lead the world community, but not with humiliation and arrogance,” Yousuf said, speaking from Gaza.

Middle East terror organizations have always been an authority on “American greatness and principle,” yes?

WND reports(2), “Together with presidential candidates John McCain and Hillary Clinton, Obama called Hamas a terrorist organization,” – but also that Yousuf chalked up Obama’s [not McCain’s or Clinton’s] statements to “political posturing.”

“I understand American politics and this is the season for elections and everybody tries to sound like he’s a friend of the Israelis …” Yousuf said.

It seems Yousuf is brighter than the average American Obama supporter… and he’s not alone.

FOX News reports(3) “From a baby in Guinea Bissau named after the Democratic candidate to Palestinian youths cold-calling American voters from the Gaza strip, “Obamamania” has taken hold.”

American ex-pat living in London, Carole Bell, who heads up Obama “meet-ups” in London reports, “To my very big surprise, a lot of non-Americans joined (the Obama Meet-Up).”

Bell goes on to state that her London “Obama meet-up” group now numbers 300, many of them non-Americans, as opposed to Hillary Clinton’s London contingency which numbers roughly only 57 members.

Obama – The International President?

Do Americans realize that Palestinians in the Gaza Strip are cold-calling American voters for the Obama campaign? Al Jazeera recently reported on a group of young Palestinians in the Gaza Strip who took it upon themselves to get together and randomly cold-call Americans in the U.S., encouraging them to vote for Obama.

Abu Juyyab said through an interpreter, that since January, he and 17 friends have called Americans randomly via the Internet before each primary. Yet Federal Election Law “prohibits any foreign national from contributing, donating or spending funds in connection with any federal, state or local election in the United States, either directly or indirectly.”

Cleta Mitchell, an election law expert who works with Republican clients, told FOX that the money spent at an Internet café to make these calls definitely qualifies as a contribution and that the Obama team needs to track them down and “tell them to stop.” Yeah right! He’ll get right on that!

Obama’s Jakarta Contingency

Obama’s old classmates from Indonesia, which proudly proclaims the world’s largest Muslim population, remember him well.

“He was the tall, chubby kid in Bermudas who joined their 4th grade class at the Besuki elementary school in 1970, the boy with the white mother and Indonesian stepfather who brought his own sandwiches to school (odd to a noodle-eating crowd) and, strangest of all, wrote with his left hand.”

“We just couldn’t believe this skinny U.S. senator with another name was our chubby, hyperactive Berry!” – said Dewi Asmara Oetojo, a politician. “We were only convinced when we saw a photo of him as a boy.”

His Jakarta supporters point out, – “The United States has an Islam problem. Say the name of the religion of almost 20 percent of the world’s population and images of bearded, Wahhabi extremists surge. They reflect a reductive unease born of 9/11 and ignorance.”

His former classmates explain, – “Obama has lived with Islam, from his boyhood Indonesia to a later encounter with the similarly malleable Islamic faith of Kenyan relatives. – He’s shed his chubbiness but not Indonesia’s lesson, emblazoned on the national coat of arms, of unity in diversity.”

Obama’s Church and State

To fully understand the man, one must understand the making of that man.

We have heard the anti-American, anti-white rantings of twenty year Obama pastor Rev. Wright. We have listened to Obama’s wife Michelle, talk about how only now, as her husband runs for the highest office in the land, is she proud to be American for the first time in her life. And we can read Obama’s true feelings on such matters from his own writings.

Below are a few lines from Obama’s books “in his words.”

From Dreams of My Father:

* “I ceased to advertise my mother’s race at the age of 12 or 13, when I began to suspect that by doing so I was ingratiating myself to whites.”
* “I found a solace in nursing a pervasive sense of grievance and animosity against my mother’s race.”
* “There was something about him that made me wary, a little too sure of himself, maybe. And white.”
* “It remained necessary to prove which side you were on, to show your loyalty to the black masses, to strike out and name names.”
* “I never emulate white men and brown men whose fates didn’t speak to my own. It was into my father’s image, the black man, son of Africa, that I’d packed all the attributes I sought in myself, the attributes of Martin and Malcolm, Dubois and Mandela.”

From Audacity of Hope:

* “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”

The July 22, 2007 Trinity United Church of Christ bulletin reprinted an article written by Mousa Abu Marzook, deputy of the political bureau of Hamas. Originally printed in the LA Times as “Hamas’ stand“(4), Pastor Wright added a new title, “A Fresh View of the Palestinian Struggle”. The Times was criticized for giving a “Platform To Genocidal Terrorist.”(5) Where does that leave Obama’s church? Or twenty year church member, Barack Obama?

Investigative web site http://www.discoverthenetworks.org/individualProfile.asp?indid=2310 has done a magnificent job of connecting the Obama dots around the globe.

Too Much to Overlook or Ignore

From his Muslim family ties to his Muslim childhood in Jakarta – the anti-American, anti-white rantings of his twenty year pastor to his wife’s open disdain for the country that gave her the opportunity to become one of our nations wealthiest corporate lawyers – his involvement in bring his socialist cousin in Kenya to power through division and violence to his support from many international terror organization and third world thugs, the evidence that Barack Hussein Obama is not your average American candidate is mounting.

Yet, for all that is coming to light about the man called Obama, even more questions arise.

Like his supporters around the globe and his family in Africa, Obama seeks to paint himself as something other than his history and connections otherwise indicate. The slick speeches from the campaign trail, full of hope for change, though void of any details, rings hollow beneath the shadow of his past relationships and overt racial tendencies.

Like so many charlatans that distort the teachings of Martin Luther King today, Obama’s beliefs are just as foreign to King’s ideals as those of the KKK.

Though King proclaimed for his followers; “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that!” – Obama, like his wife, his pastor, his cousin and his Muslim supporters around the globe, continues to preach darkness and hate, on the basis of nationality and race, economic status and political ideologies.

Even today, Obama makes headlines with repeated statements of condemnation, condescension and division, claiming that “small town folks” are “bitter, clinging to their guns and religion” – as if they are too ignorant to see to their own needs and dependent upon him to save them from themselves.

Indeed, there is a long pattern of this belief system and behavior throughout Obama’s travels and as the American people get to know these things about a man who wants to hold the most powerful office in the world, they must ask if this pattern means everything it appears to mean?

Is the man what he says he is; or is he what his life says he is? They are two very different images of the man.

One is the man desperate to gain the power of the Oval Office, who is smart enough to know what he must say and do to accomplish this goal.

The other, a man who has spent a lifetime in this belief; – “I found a solace in nursing a pervasive sense of grievance and animosity against my mother’s race.”

A man who wrote in his own words, at his own will; “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”

I ask those Americans who support Barack Obama for president, – which Obama do you support?

Those who wish to know where all that Obama money is coming from must start with asking the campaign that very question… While you’re at it, ask the MSM why they aren’t asking?

JB Williams ©2008 USA

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3 Responses to “The Real Obama Story Exposed! Part II”

  1. Angie said

    WFI, you have outdone yourself..excellent post. It is certainly a horrendous position we all now find ourselves in. Even after the debate last night, many still find him ‘wonderful’. You would think he was the saviour of the world. I don’t trust either Obama nor Hillary. I have been disappointed with some of McCains policies,with that said, he would at least love this country. Or at least I hope so.
    Hugs to ya
    WFI reply~ It’s great to see you back at your post, TnT!! :-)

    It’s distressing, to be sure, but Obama’s associations and the way he becomes agitated at being questioned makes me want to be the one to ask him with a “Look, jerk. . . “!—am wondering if that may have some to do with why reporters have taken so long to do their job—fear of repercussions from public, personal, employer. (btw, if you want to bother, you can tell ‘duh’ there’s an excellent segment about the media hierarchy on pbs.org under Bill Moyers’ links and Bush implemented faith based initiatives, which I know more about than I am comfortable with (abuse—churches like Obama’s 501 staus, grants approved, etc) and caused me to rethink gov’t “worldwide assistance”.)
    Anyway, it’s not that I don’t realize unsavory traits in the others, but I stand firm that no one is worse than Obamanation! He is toooooo perfectly DEVIOUS.

    Love & Hugs and always happy when you return to the revolution! LOL

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