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2Chronicles7:14-“If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”

Obama’s “Dreams”

Posted by wordforit on April 14, 2008

A commenter left this for us and, rather than let it become buried, I’m sure there are many who would like to see what is said.

It’s a pathetic testimony that a country Ronald Reagan praised as “The Shining City” * would listen to the rants and negativity of a man like Obama who has gained so much from being an American.

“We in government should learn to look at our country with the eyes of the entrepreneur, seeing possibilities where others see only problems.”
Ronald Reagan- January 26, 1985**

“In America, our origins matter less than our destination, and that is what democracy is all about.”
Ronald Reagan-
August 17, 1992**

Sources: SourceWatch *



Anyone questioning why Obama attended Wright’s church needs to read Obama’s 1995 book, Dreams from my Father. It is a sickeningly racist book “in his own words”. His deep hatred toward whites is discussed in every chapter, and sometimes on every page in every chapter!

Sadly his white grandparent’s that raised him, are the one’s he discriminates against the most-The first two chapters in this book are heartbreaking and show a very cruel, self-important, self-centered, Obama, takes great lengths to tear apart every shred of dignity and character of his grandparents, even belittling his grandfather’s service in the war under Patton by saying “he sloshed around the mud in France” but never saw TRUE COMBAT!!! (Page 15 DREAMS); Obama belittles his grandmother working in a bomber assembly line calling her “Rosie the Riveter” (Page 15 Dreams)-

Then tonight his pathetic speech about Rev. Wright mentions his grandfathers service and grandmothers work on the assembly line as if this made them great Americans. On page 14 he reveals his grandfather had a troubled past, mother committed suicide & the grandfather found her body when he was 8, and that he was possibly the reason (or his philandering father?)- for her suicide…-that was the “undoubtable cause of the mother’s unfortunate demise”! (Page 14 DREAMS).

He ridicules his grandparents for the “world they were raised in…”That was the world in which my grandparents had been raised, the dab-smack, landlocked center of the country, a place where decency & endurance & the pioneer spirit were joined at the hip with conformity and suspicion & the potential for unblinking cruelty” where white trash “farm boys” who got sewn into their woolen underwear at the beginning of winter and STANK LIKE PIGS as the months wore on.” Page 13 DREAMS.

He goes on to describe what his granparents must have looked like when they met, his granfather looked like a “wop” and grandmother he desribes as a “dyed blond, smart talking girl w/too much red lipstick, cigarette smoker, etc. (Page 15 DREAMS. His grandfather wanting to escape the “empty, dust-ridden plains, where big plans means a job as a bank manager & entertainment means ice cream soda…”. Obama describes his grandparents BY LOOKING AT A PHOTOGRAPH OF THEM ON A BOOKSHELF THAT SPOKE “ELOQUENTLY OF THEIR ROOTS” (Page 12 DREAMS) . “Theirs were the faces of American Gothic, the WASP bloodline’s poorer cousins”

On Page 17 he describes his grandfather as “considering himself something of a freethinker-bohemian even”; because he “counted a number of Jews he’d met in the furniture business as his closest friends.” On the same page, Obama describes them as “vaguely liberal, although their ideas would never congeal into anything like a firm ideaolgy (because they were) in this too AMERICAN”! “

An American character, one typical of men of his generation…whose enthusiasms could as easily lead to the cowardice of McCathyism as to heroics of World War II…men prone to, in the end, disappointment”! (Page 16).

On page 18, Obama says “The truth is that, like most white Americans at the time, they had never really given black people much thought” Apparently Obama can not only read the minds and thoughts of his grandparents, but knew the minds and thoughts of all of white America of their generation (before Obama was even born!).

On Page 21, Obama likens his grandfather’s recollections of events as “another act of white revisionism”, but couldn’t completely dismiss them altogether because “I know how strongly gramps believed in his fiction; how badly he wanted them to be true.

Obama later states on Page 21 that “for many white people of my grandparents’ generation and background,” their instincts were in “the direction of the mob.”. On Page 23 Obama says that “part of the story his grandfather told himself (Obama once again spends page after page on supposition as if he knows what other people are thinking etc.) was “with his black son in law & brown grandson, Gramps had entered the space age”. Obama likens his grandfathers “breezy chatty style” as a calculated effort to help him with customers. (Page 24)

The saddest and cruelest part he leaves for his grandmother. In his speech tonight he says his grandmother once told him she was afraid of black men she passed on the street. In his book DREAMS, Page 88 he refers to this ONLY IT IS MUCH DIFFERENT THAN HOW HE DESCRIBED TONIGHT IN HIS SPEECH!

He overhears his grandparents and walks in and asks his grandmother what is wrong. She says “a man asked me for money yesterday. While I was waiting for the bus.” Obama says “that’s all”. She says “her lips pursed with irritation. He was very aggressive, Barry. Very Aggressive. I gave him a dollar and he kept asking. If the bus hadn’t come, I think he might have hit me over the head”

Next Obama walks into the other room where Gramps is at & tells him “it’s probably a little scary for her, seeing some big man block her way….”

Apparently Obama left out some of the conversation w/his grandmother because he did not mention his grandmother said the man was “big” or that he “blocked” her way!!! ONE THING IS VERY CLEAR IN OBAMA’S BOOK DREAMS-HIS GRANDMOTHER NEVER SAID THE MAN WAS BLACK OR THAT THIS WAS THE REASON SHE WAS AFRAID!!!

Obama says on Page 88 he learned the harrasser was black from his Grandfather-NOT GRANDMOTHER!!! Now in my opinion there is a big difference between Obama saying tonight his grandmother told him she was afraid of “BLACK MEN SHE PASSED ON THE STREET” and the incident of one black man who was big and BLOCKED HER WAY SO SHE COULD NOT “PASS”. Apparently Obama thinks Americans are so stupid they won’t read his book or notice the “details” are a little different. On Page 89 he says men who “might easily have been my brothers could inspire their (his grandparents) rawest fears. Again, Obama writes as if his supposition of what people feel is fact!

His description of the sermon “Audacity of Hope”-the 1st sermon he heard of Rev. Wright’s is in itself a racist hatefilled sermon basically saying Hope for blacks is Audacious to a black back, because White’s control the Hope & fate and evils of the world, hunger, apartheid and all-“where white folks’ greed runs a world in need….” that’s the World! On which hope sits!” (Page 293-Dreams)

His first meeting w/Rev. Wright prior to hearing his sermon, he learned from Wright himself that he was a confessed “former” Muslim, black nationalist, studied the teachings of very controversial literature and incorporated all of “this” into Trinity (Page 282).




3 Responses to “Obama’s “Dreams””

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  2. couldabeen said

    For all the copies this book is selling, no one seems to be reading it. I am a liberal, and I am really distressed by this book. Admittedly he was about 33 when he wrote it, and he might have changed in over a decade, but I don’t see that. So we might disagree on who is better, McCain or Clinton, but both are more solidly grounded than Obama.

  3. wordforit said

    Well said, couldabeen, and if anything, it’s apparent that he has become more marintaed in bitterness with his associates. I think he already had a developed warped view, which accounts for the personalities he seeks to align with regularly.

    What you said about the other candidates is key: “solidly grounded”. This guy is all over the place. The comments he and his wife make, then try to ‘explain’, are truths about themselves and they stayed with Wright b/c they agree and wallow in ‘victimization’.

    Thanks for visiting and commenting, couldabeen!

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