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2Chronicles7:14-“If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”

The Twisted World of Oprah and Friends

Posted by wordforit on April 12, 2008

Sources: OmegaLetter


If you haven’t heard of “A Course in Miracles” or the proposed “Peace Alliance”, then please pay attention. “New Age” queen Oprah Winfrey is promoting both, and it seems that what Oprah wants she gets due to her financial status and her loyal fans.

Starting January 1, 2008, she began a daily feature on XM Satellite Radio featuring “A Course in Miracles”-one lesson a day. And also, this year, she will have her own television network.

Marianne Williamson has picked up and run with the “Miracles” course, which was channeled to a woman back in the 1960s. In 1965, Helen Schucman heard an “inner voice” saying, “This is a course in miracles-please take note.” For seven years, she took spiritual dictation from a demon who said he was “Jesus”. “A Course in Miracles” has now become the “New Age” bible.

Here are a few statements from the course:

* There is no sin.

* The journey to the cross should be the last “useless journey”.

* Do not make the pathetic error of “clinging to the old rugged cross.”

* The Name of “Jesus” is just symbolic of all the gods to which you pray.

* The recognition of God is the recognition of yourself.

* The “atonement” is the final lesson man needs to learn, for it teaches him that, never having sinned, he has no need of salvation.

This should come as no surprise in these latter days as the Bible is clear that some will not give heed to sound doctrine but rather listen to the doctrine of demons (II Tim. 4:3,4).

But the story of Oprah’s and Williamson’s push for all things unusual and unrighteous does not stop here. Williamson is trying to get a Cabinet level seat as a part of the “Peace Alliance” push by the two women. Check out the U.S. Department of Peace website.

Think about what the Bible has to say about peace apart from the Prince of Peace. It says it will be a futile effort and even bring destruction (I Thess. 5:3). The Antichrist will play off of peace, but Daniel says “by peace he shall destroy many” (Dan. 8:25). Yet Oprah and friends believe this “Peace Alliance” will usher in an era of global peace founded on “New Age” spirituality. They refer to it as a “civil rights movement of the soul.”

We live in strange and deceptive times so to sharpen your discernment, visit our “Spiritual Deception” category at the Web site. As believers, let us thank God for the real course in miracles. It’s called the Bible.

Radio Note: Warren Smith is one of the best expounders on these issues for when he was a “New Ager,” he was caught up in such things, particularly “A Course in Miracles.” Hear my hour with him on “Radio Archives” for February 2, 2008, hour one. He outlines his story in his book, “From the New Age to Amazing Grace” available in my print newsletter and soon on my Web site.

(Jan is the founder of Olive Tree Ministries. To learn more, get her free print newsletter and e-alerts, or to hear archived radio programming, visit her Web site, http://www.olivetreeviews.org/.)

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8 Responses to “The Twisted World of Oprah and Friends”

  1. Anything that digs at Oprah, Im all for.

  2. wordforit said

    LOL I have come to feel the same way, Brian! A few years ago, I saw a preview for her show that indicated “spirituality”—it was not at all what I expected. AmericanThinker and others have articles saying her ratings are slipping. I hope so!

    Thanks for visiting and commenting! I enjoyed visiting you, as well!

  3. angiemama said

    Oh my… I had heard a few things about this “Course in Miracles” and I knew the Oprah was helping facilitate it… however I didn’t realise the depth of the deception. It sounds all nice and godly to mainstream society… but it really is lies and death. Jesus was given a name that is above every name, and in Him the Godhead dwells bodily. His name is not a symbol or a pseudonym for other “gods”… He is the Word, Who was there from the very beginning of time, Who framed the world. He made the ultimate sacrifice for all mankind… the Word says many are called, few are chosen. Those who answer His call are the chosen… but we are all caled into relationship with Him. Therefore He died for everyone… even those that don’t believe in Him.
    I can’t believe Oprah can call herself a Christian, yet believe there are other ways to so-called ‘enlightenment’ than through Christ Jesus. Will add more to my comment later… kind of ranting and raving lol.
    Take care, God bless,

  4. MK said

    “There is no sin.”

    That’s the first warning of evil, far as i’m concerned when you read that, go no further, head the other way. Treat it like you would a terrible pestilence. Thanks for letting us know Word.

  5. wordforit said

    Hi angiemama and welcome! Rant on, you’re doing beautifully! In looking into this a few months ago, I read that her family is upset she has ‘fallen away’ from the beliefs instilled as a youngster. I realize we have to work out our own relationship with God, but this is such an extreme path away from Him. I think about the “easier for a camel to go thru the eye of a needle than a rich man to enter heaven”; I guess when you think you “have it all”, you don’t need God. So sad for her but even more so for those who adore her and believe what she promotes.

    I look forward to your next visit, angiemama! God Bless and Keep You.

  6. wordforit said

    I agree, MK, and when it becomes a common mantra that we all pray to the same God, we know people have lost their way. Shocking to me, but if we don’t stay in touch with God, it’s easy to think others have an answer.

    I tried to post this a.m. about how prevalent Islamic teaching is becoming in public schools but WP was not cooperating—thought about your comment saying you had glitches earlier in the week—you know it would be all over the MSM if Christians were having prayer five times a day in the gym!

    Plenty of scriptures that warn about false teachers and it seems we have them coming out of any and everywhere!

    I’m always happy to see you, MK, and appreciate the support! God’s Blessings on You and Yours.

  7. angiemama said

    Okies, I am back lol.

    I really do feel for Oprah, that she has been enticed away from the true faith in Christ. He is the fulfillment of the prophcies and the Law is also fullfilled in Him.

    What this righteous sounding ideology is doing is tricking the lost people of the world, and is filling the ‘Jesus shaped hole’ in their spirits with a perversed version of Truth. Satanism is easy to spot… it is a blatant opposition to God. However faiths like these are more sinister in that some points will be based on Truth and that makes it harder to spot the heap of lies and deception.

    As we’re in the end days, this will be a more and more common occurence ~ however it doesn’t make it easier. I am all for everyone having a right to their own beliefs although I will always preach to them and pray for them. However many people will turn to this out of the very reason that Oprah is helping to facillitate it.

    Most of all it makes me angry at the lies of the enemy… especially knowing that many will turn from God to this.

    Will continue to browse around, so you’ll probably hear more from me :-)

    God bless, Anige

    Word reply- I just figured out how to ‘edit comments’ since the WP changes so we can ‘talk’ more clearly to each other. :-)

    God Bless You for your compassion, Angie. I’m having a difficult time feeling sorry for her and others who are boldly and blatantly teaching lies. In Oprah’s case, and from what I’ve read of her family background, she has flat-out rejected scriptural warnings. For someone who loves reading so much, I don’t think it has benefitted her in this respect.

    Years ago, I read books like “Holy Blood, Holy Grail” and LRon Hubbard’s very-difficult-to-follow (Scientology) writings, but I knew anything that deviated from God’s Word was fatalistic. I have been studying in earnest the past 10 years b/c I began to ‘sense’ a change in the climate of spitirtuality. It’s not a matter of being holier-than-thou, as you also indicate, but it is a matter of what we’re told to do to ‘prove ourselves a workman of God, rightly dividing the word of truth’.

    One of the saved articles in my del.icio.us roll makes the point of how the falling away (apostasy) won’t be obvious, but a gradual, godly-seeming revision. Did you think we’d be witnessing this and see so many curse us for persevering? Heartbreaking. I get angry at the name-calling, but then, like you say, remember who the real enemy is to all of us. What bothers me most of all is how many youngsters are caught in the snare b/c of the adults. Here’s a current example: http://www.worldnetdaily.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=61615

    I enjoy your visits and encouragement! Thank you, Angie! Do you have a blog/website? I can’t click your name to get to it.

    In Christ’s Love.

  8. angiemama said

    Thanks :-)

    My Christian blog is http://www.angiemama.wordpress.com

    Hopfully I’ll see you around there :-)

    Take care, God bless,

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