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A President Must Have Credibility

Posted by wordforit on April 8, 2008

Like Don Bendell, I sold cars at a “Fast Track” dealership several years ago. In that five years, I learned much about human nature, including just how far some will go to make a buck or outsell a competitor. There were plenty who would ‘throw anyone in front of the bus’ to feed their greed. 

Don Bendell’s assessment in recognizing razzle-dazzle when someone thinks they are a ‘player’ of sorts are more wise words from those trying to warn the public before we end up with a President lacking patriotism. ~WordforIt

By Don Bendell

Many years ago, one of the jobs I held as a starving writer was selling cars, new and used, at what was called a “Fast track” dealership. It was straight commission and dog-eat-dog. The top salesman there, Bill, made well over $ 70,000 per year in the early seventies. That was a lot of income back then. It was simple: he smiled, turned on the charm, told every customer exactly what they wanted to hear, and then lied through his teeth.

I once overheard him respond to a customer who asked about a new Ford Pinto if it would get the EPA gas mileage listed on the sticker, and Bill answered with a question, “Is gas mileage what is really important to you?”

The man responded, “Yes, I have to drive many miles to work and back everyday.”

Bill laughed and put his hand on the man’s shoulder and said, “Man, did you come to the right place. The EPA ratings were done by the government, and you know how they screw things up. This car will actually get you at least 54 miles to the gallon between highway and city driving combined. Probably a lot more”

In actuality, the car would have gotten maybe 24 miles to the gallon. The man, like they all did, bought the car.

Another man’s biggest concern was rust. Ohio salted its roads in the winter, and he did not want his car eaten away. Bill immediately told him that the new Ford Mustangs were made out of recycled aluminum beer cans and would never rust, and he would throw in complete rust-proofing for only $ 285. The man bought the car. We were charged $ 8 by the dealership to rust proof a car, and any amount charged above that was profit, out of which we would get one fourth in commissions. The lies were so outlandish, I could not stand working there and never sold cars again.

Bill could turn on the charm with a smile and a golden tongue, stare into your eyes and ad lib the most outlandish lies I ever heard, and worse yet, people believed it hook, line, and sinker, and he was richly rewarded for the deceit.

It has been over three decades, and I have finally seen another Bill, but on a much grander scale. His name is Barrack Obama. He named his best-selling book after a sermon by his self-proclaimed mentor Reverend Jeremiah Wright, who married him and wife Michelle and baptized their family. He knows that Wright gave an award to Louis Farrakhan, one of the most outlandish racial bigots in America, and the horrific statements from sermons by Wright which are played all day long on the news were taken from his DVD’s sold by Obama’s church where Obama has attended for over 20 years. Barrack Obama claims he never heard Wright make any of the outlandish racist statements. Right! And people believe him! Duh!

Then, we have Hillary Clinton braving sniper fire from the Bosnian tooth fairy. The only difference between the two is that she would not be a good crooked car salesman. She does not even lie well at all.

Which now brings me to John McCain. I could not stand him for years. I testified for the Senate Select Committee on MIA/POW Affairs. John McCain tried to shut the committee down and people started saying he had something to hide. I was one of those who said it and passed some of the rumors that started about him. So, when McCain got the presumptive Republican nod, I wrote former POW’s I knew who were POWs with McCain in the Hanoi Hilton, such as Medal of Honor recipient Colonel Bud Day and asked them.

Bud Day, MOH wrote me and said, in part:

Dear Don: I was JSM’s first room-mate and commander in the Hanoi Hilton. He is brilliant, patriotic, loyal, gregarious, independent, feisty, a good follower, a good leader, republican….”

Bud finished with

“He does not have to have everyone’s approval to act. There is a lot of Ronald Reagan..Teddy Roosevelt…Harry Truman in his genes. Example…telling Reagan to get out of Lebanon. Telling GW, the SecDef, and the world that Rumsfeld policies were a failure…backing the surge (like from Vietnam) as the only correct choice….and being right both times.

“His combat experience and life experiences make him the solid choice for prez. John is clearly and unquestionably the best candidate in 2008…of either party, Best regards. Col. Bud Day, MOH.”

Paul Galanti gave me very similar raves about him, and Jim Warner, John McCain’s longtime cellmate and still very close friend and advisor, not only wrote me but has spoken to me on the phone several times, and he said,

“Don, if John had any hidden secrets from our time in the Hanoi Hilton or if any of the other rumors about him are true, simply tell me why are there 81 former Vietnam POW’s voluntarily working on his campaign?”

I learned that John McCain simply believed very strongly that there were no more live POW’s left behind, and he believed that as strongly as I believed that there were. But the important point is that he does not fold, and he does not lie to get someone’s vote.

John McCain stands his ground if he feels he is right. He also has faced down Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, and other Republican pundits because he is willing to work with Democrats and actually listen to their point of view. America clearly wants that in our President.

If ever there was a time in US history we need such a person in the White House, it is right now. We need someone with credibility, a quiet strength, and a total determination to stay the course on our national defense; because our pampered nation that now has way too many quick-fix wimps will perish if we don’t. The mullahs and jihadists do not want to be our buddies no matter how much we might suck up to them. They want our heads. The only body parts John McCain will give them is our collective middle finger.

Don Bendell, 61, is an author of 25 books with over 1,500,000 copies in print worldwide. A 1995 inductee into the International Karate Hall of Fame, he and his wife also own karate schools in Colorado. A 60% VA-disabled vet, Don served as an officer in 4 Special Forces Groups, including a 1968-1969 tour on an A-team in Vietnam as well as in the Top Secret Phoenix Program.. He has appeared on FOX NEWS LIVE and many national radio shows and his editorials have been published all over the world. He lives in Florence, Colorado. He maintains a website at http://www.donbendell.com/


For as much as we hear and read about John McCain’s military contribution in a negative light, here is a writer who went to the trouble of seeking answers from those who served with John McCain! I, for one, am glad to know the rumors of his betrayal are false; it’s bad enough to face war as a country, but even worse to think we don’t have loyal soldiers. ~ WordforIt



4 Responses to “A President Must Have Credibility”

  1. […] Ellen wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptHe also has faced down Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, and other Republican pundits because he is willing to work with Democrats and actually listen to their point of view. America clearly wants that in our President. … Read the rest of this great post here […]

  2. MK said

    The likes of Obama and that salesman thrive because there’s a sucker born every minute. Those who are too lazy to ask any questions, to lazy to think, too lazy to dig and who just want to believe whatever they’re told.

  3. wordforit said

    Amazing, MK, that so much info is available and so much to compare what he says! Ted Kennedy’s politics isn’t enough, now Jane Fonda’s on the bandwagon?!? Combined with all the other associations? I thought at first it was where they were reading but that’s almost impossible b/c warnings are everywhere. I would wonder why OB’s followers are being called “disciples”, at least! Candidates promising a bankrupt country more gov’t programs and more money—I guess they’re all planning on getting more jobs?
    One of my sisters was sent a hilarious (cellphone) recording of a US gov’t agent from a foreign country calling a lady to tell her that her check would be cut b/c of lack of funds. The lady became very irate and began making threats and the agent started returning the same. I say hilarious, maybe not-so-much. . . It was a prank call someone played on the lady but in thinking about how my student loans were outsourced and the calls I was getting a few years ago, it’s not so far-fetched.
    “Someone” wants OB in office—I’ve been concerned where all that money’s coming from and they keep claiming it’s a little here, a little there—a sure half-truth. He’s good for deflecting attention away from important questions.

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