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2Chronicles7:14-“If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”

Why terrorist scum support the Democrats « MK’s Views – Down under on the right side

Posted by wordforit on March 28, 2008

Why terrorist scum support the Democrats « MK’s Views – Down under on the right side

Al-Qaeda trains its terrorists to resist known interrogation tactics, so the United States has a national-security interest in keeping such tactics secret. Congressional Democrats, however, tried to make the country’s techniques quite literally an open book: They wanted to restrict interrogators to the practices approved in the Army Field Manual, a publicly available document. Fortunately, President Bush vetoed the bill. Democrats are pretending that he acted out of enthusiasm for waterboarding. But that is not the issue: While waterboarding is rough stuff, the United States has not used it in five years, and even then employed the technique on a grand total of three terrorists. Their colleagues should not know what to expect from our interrogators, even if we know all too well what to expect from the Democrats.

MK covers a lot of ground and keeps a resolute watch on events. Click on the link above to read the rest of this post and many others to expand your understanding of international developments!


2 Responses to “Why terrorist scum support the Democrats « MK’s Views – Down under on the right side”

  1. MK said

    Thanks for the link back Word, much appreciated.

    Word Reply~

    Thank you for keeping a good eye out, MK!! You always find fascinating stories to compile.

    May God Help Us!

  2. Angie said

    I love Mk’s stuff. He can really tell it like it is. So glad for blogging to meet great people like you all.

    Love and hugs

    WfI Reply~

    It’s great to go over there and see what’s been gathered and MK never disappoints! No pressure. . . ;-))

    I agree, Tnt Angie, it’s more like a learning experience in sharing interests with “no dumb questions” and unnecessary name-calling if we happen to disagree. I’m notorious for asking questions (as you know;-) and y’all always give me something to ‘look in to’!

    This biz with terrorists working around our laws and essentially being helped by our gov’t is appalling. There’s another article, and it seems it was timbob who mentioned it in a post over at Grace County, about interference by our military being hampered due to cost in monitoring Russian subs off of the pacific coast (? having a little trouble ‘believing’ all of this). Will look for that.

    Not much we can do about the scheming of others except be aware and pray! This election season has proven to me that too many are not exercising either. . . this time next year we may see an entirely different landscape—too many crooks and liars across the board and not enough patriotism.

    Love & Hugs and many prayers!

    p.s. Did I tell you that my cousin also has fibromyalgia? She’s the same age as me, was diagnosed a few years ago and I can’t believe how much she suffers. God Love Both of You.

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