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Pastor Wright and Barack Obama: The media finally notices

Posted by wordforit on March 14, 2008

C. Edmund Wright

Dr. Jeremiah Wright Jr. has been saying things like “God damn America” for a couple of decades to a congregation that has grown to the thousands, and his sermons only go out via webcast, podcast, telecast,  broadcast, cable cast. And for the technologically challenged, audio cassettes and books.  I mean, just how deep should we expect our intrepid media mavens to dig? It’s hard to find that haystack in the needle, ain’t it?

[Editor’s note: American Thinker has been covering Pastor Wright’s radicalism for a year now.]

But under the Biblical principle of being grateful for what you have, I am thankful that millions more are aware of this now than were just 48 hours ago. You know, back in the good ole days before “client number 9” was a household word.   

(I must wonder, however, how this got past Clinton, Inc, for so long. Maybe it’s just me, but since we’ve been told that white Iowans and so on  loved the non-threatening post racial nature of Obama….I can’t help but think that a little Jerry Wright sprinkled in early and often might have nipped this hoax in the bud. Just a thought.)

It is critical now, however, that more understanding of this dynamic be circulated. People need to understand the unique nature of a large independent church pastor and his congregation. It is very different from the relationship that exists in more traditional denominational churches. The United Church of Christ is a mainstream denomination, but it has no central control mechanism for pastors.

Jeremiah Wright is not simply a pastor who was assigned to Trinity United Church of Christ by a synod or diocese as the latest in a long line of such assignments. Jeremiah Wright is the TUCC. Or, more accurately, the TUCC is simply one of “Jeremiah Wright’s ministries.” This is how it works with these independent churches.

These churches exist for the sole purpose of spreading the pastor’s specific ministry. If there is a market for such a ministry (and in Chicago there has been one), then the church will grow. Most of these churches, in fact, are founded by (and for) the pastor.
TUCC was not founded by Wright. But almost. He has pastored it from a membership of 87 to one now of over 6000. It is his doctrine, direction, interpretation and emphasis that is TUCC. Wright is TUCC and TUCC is Wright. Period.

And with this dynamic, being an active member and significant benefactor of such a church for 20 years is by natural extension an endorsement of the pastor’s message.  With one of these churches, if you do not buy into the pastor’s specific direction, you go to another church. It is not at all like going to your family’s 3rd generation Methodist Church and having varying degrees of agreements with the numerous pastors as they flowed through the pulpit.

Barack Obama sought out the message of Jeremiah Wright, joined and remained in and supported TUCC because of that message, and in fact named his book after a sermon of that message. He even used that message so that black voters in Chicago would not focus on the half of Obama that is white, and on his privileged Hawaiian education.  To paraphrase the good pastor, he “was riding dirty” on that message.

In other words, he embraced Wright and TUCC’s agenda to get his black street cred and to escape his “white half.” Now, he’s trying to divert attention away from his black street cred. And a little sober reminder here… he is doing this so he can occupy the Oval Office.
The media will of course try to tie any conservative candidate to any outlandish statement made at any time by any pastor who endorses such a candidate. Last night, MSNCB was trying to change the subject by linking John McCain to one of John Hagee’s statements about Catholics years ago. As far as I know, McCain and Hagee have never even met and the Catholic statement is not the founding principal of Hagee’s ministry.
But if that’s the standard, then it portends disaster for the Obama campaign. As long as the message can get out. Because Barack Obama and Jeremiah Wright have met. Often. For decades. And hating America always has and always will be the driving principal of Jeremiah Wright and his followers.

God help us if the message does not get out and one of those followers ends up in the Oval Office.

C. Edmund Wright is not related to Pastor Wright.



7 Responses to “Pastor Wright and Barack Obama: The media finally notices”

  1. “Maybe it’s just me, but since we’ve been told that white Iowans and so on loved the non-threatening post racial nature of Obama….I can’t help but think that a little Jerry Wright sprinkled in early and often might have nipped this hoax in the bud. Just a thought.)”


    Jeremiah Wright’s radical views were no secret. They have been a topic on talk radio for months while there has been a de facto MSM blackout of Barack’s church. It is interesting that Wright’s views were little discussed while Mitt’s church received intense religious scrutiny. To borrow a phrase, it has taken a while for the chickens to come home to roost.

    WordforIt Reply~

    Hi, John!! Exactly right. Anyone who trusts the “news media” and doesn’t look into the background of this man with all that’s available, shouldn’t be voting!

    It’s hard to believe how much is not being told, but it’s even stranger that people believe Obama’s lies, then defend him. I posted ‘Dear Obama Groupies’ not long ago and was completely embarrassed by the nonsense in some of the comments. His ‘followers’ don’t even have an answer for why they’re supporting him. Even when they made an honest effort, it was insane.

    I have only seen the question a couple of times as to why Mitt’s religious beliefs were scrutinized and not this vapid hate of Obama’s “church”, and those were online at “alternative news sites” as they call anything aside from the MSM.

    May God Help America.

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  4. Anonymous said

    Obama is toast! You don’t attend a “church” for 20 years and not know the hate and anti message given by this Wright. Shame on you Barrack for trying to cover up your beliefs . Be sure your sins will find you out!
    WfI Reply~

    I agree! If people believe the lie that he never heard Wright preach hate, they should have their voting card revoked on grounds of insanity!

  5. Angie said

    Fox News is showing it. Abc had the same tapes, chose only about 10 second blip. It is on their website. CBS NBC did not mention it. Cnn’s Anderson Cooper darn near apologized for mentioning it and last night had an inspirational show on Michelle and how her life had been and meeting Obama Romance.
    I think they need to do this like they did Mitt and all the rest…hammer away ask tough questions. Remember how Mitt had to apologize for his church’s actions over a hundred years ago and how they felt about blacks in the 60’s.
    They did not give Ron Paul any respect on the debates, said they would get back to him, never did.
    I do think the Repub party will hammer on it if he is the candidate next fall.
    Where is the apology to HC?for the way Wright blasted her? You should not be allowed a free pass You can’t condemn racist remarks (I did not consider them racist) from your opponennt’s campaign worker or her husband and then attend or belong to such a vile racist church.
    I ran a post on this too. I think most of the news is on the blogs and Fox. Sad state of affairs. Hopefully the American people won’t let it go away so easily. Obama came out condemning the statements by Wright a little while ago, saying if he (Wright had repeated anything like that when he was in church he would have quit the church) However, though he was a member for over 20 years or 91 or 92 he could not remember ever hearing anything of that nature.
    I think they all need to take lie detectors..:)

  6. Angie said

    ABC has it on their website, although they had the full tapes, they showed about 10 seconds. CBS,NBC, did not mention it. CNN’s Anderson Cooper, nearly apologized for mentioning it. Then went on to show a program last night on Michelle and Obama’s romance. Fox has shown it on several shows AND discussed it. Oh, Glenn Beck on Headline showed and talked about it.

    So will the big 3 and the big CNN come around and do as they did with Mitt? Make him apologize for things the Mormons did over a hundred years ago and the position they took with blacks back in the 60’s or 70’s? I think they are biased and corrupt.

    It is all over the blogs, I did a post on it too. I think the Repubs will challenge him once he is the candidate..

    I think that if you expect HC to apologize and condemn remarks made by her husband and campaign worker GF,because you think they are racist…well, let’s just say you can’t have it both ways Obama and all his supporters. “You cannot expect all that from your opponent and then choose (and that is the operative word) to join, attend a church like this that’s leader is clearly Racist, in fact seems to be a white America hater, at least he comes across that way from what he has said.

    Obama condemned the words of Wright a little while ago,said if Wright had repeated any of that he would have quit his church but he never heard that even though he went there for over 20 years.
    My above statement holds, You can’t have it both ways.

    WfI Reply~

    It’s an enigma, for sure, how anyone could ‘follow’ a man with so much questionable background and NOTHING to offer the American people, except problems. His associates are enough to make the most apolitical individual take notice!

    Ferraro gave an HONESTassessment about his race being a factor and look how she was treated—no way should anyone want to put up wiith listening to all that’s ‘wrong’ with the US and race baiting for four years.

    I just read CNN’s “report” and how OB lied about “not knowing”. People would have to be plain stupid to believe that, but even if they do, they should be smart enoiugh to question how he could be a member for 20 years and ‘not know’. Notice now how the date he joined is changing? They’ll have him ‘not a member’ if they can get away with such!

    Michelle gave a speech in Georgetown, SC (near Myrtle Beach) in which she made a snide remark about Dick Cheney and OB being related. She said, “Give us something here!”<<<(loaded statement, imo) in referring to waitng for OB’s inheritance and how hard they worked—everything they have is due to Affirmative Action and, in addition to an apology, they need to say Thank You, America!! They are the lowest of the low in patriotism and the furthest I have ever seen from “Christian”. The “liberation theology” is based on Marxism, and I need to post on that, as much as I detest them wasting everyone’s time.

    If this country ever needed Divine Intervention, it’s in these days. I do not see how our country will survive with the hate that’s being applauded and raised up as “a good thing”. We came to the states when I was in my early teens and I had never heard racial slurs, if you can believe it, until then. It was instilled in us that that was forbidden in any way (we weren’t allowed to call each other names—we are all my parents children, as well as God’s). Too bad others don’t understand hate has no place in a family, a ‘United’ States, moreover in church.

    Love & Hugs, Sis, and we can only pray about the outcome on this, either way, cuz it ain’t gonna go away. OB has stirred up too much strife.

  7. I can’t figure out how Barack got so far in this process…he has no substance. Even the people who love him don’t really know what he stands for. His position on the economy is just crazy and many other things are just insane about him. I don’t even want him to run for VP much less President. I hope this opens the eyes of the people who are left to vote, so they know that he is not worthy of the job he is looking to take, or even the job he has now.

    I think the Clinton camp left this alone because they wanted it to come out from a third party, as well as they wanted to wait for the crunch time…and this is it.

    Jason Dragon

    WordforIt Reply~

    I agree, Jason, and said a few months ago in my ‘Obamination’ post that he shouldn’t even be a senator! Some have been trying to get the word out for a few years and are not happy with his positions in Illinois, but the MSM handles him with “kid gloves” to quote one of them. Forget that! I don’t care who or what race he is—the man is a POISONOUS SNAKE! I question the sanity and patriotism of all who support such an individual…his wife is my age and this is the first time ‘she’s been proud of this country’? They’ve both been affected by Wright’s message, which is derived from Marxism. (Wright admitted in interviews to it being based on the revolution in Nicaragua years ago.) I cannot imagine subjecting their two girls to that and how angry people must be when leaving that “church” on Sunday!

    I have wondered about the Clintons not bringing up this horror and am glad it’s finally being told, even though some still sugar coat the viciousness of the message. I am shocked that anyone could overlook how Racist this is and try to defend such.

    Thanks for visitng and commenting, Jason! God HELP America!

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