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House Republicans Launch Earmark Reform Website

Posted by wordforit on February 12, 2008

 From RepublicanLeader:

Though House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and her Democratic colleagues have rejected House Republican calls for an immediate moratorium on all taxpayer-funded earmarks, House Republican Leader John Boehner (R-OH) today announced a new, dedicated resource in the House Republicans’ ongoing fight to change the way Washington spends taxpayer dollars.  House Republicans have launched a website focused solely on earmark reform, serving as a hub for news and information regarding House GOP efforts to hold the Majority to its promises to fundamentally overhaul the taxpayer-funded earmark system. 

The website can be found at http://earmarkreform.house.gov/ and includes a web video from Boehner introducing this first-of-its-kind resource.

“The earmarking process in Congress has become a symbol of a broken Washington,” said Boehner.  “While families struggle with rising costs of living, politicians are wasting their money on pork-barrel projects we don’t need.  This website will keep tabs on the Majority, which refuses to join House Republicans in supporting an earmark moratorium, and will chronicle our efforts to begin changing the way Washington spends taxpayers’ money.”

The House Republicans’ earmark reform website will feature content from Capitol Hill and across the Internet, including news releases, opinion pieces, and news stories.  The site also will keep track of the number of House co-sponsors of legislation – authored by Reps. Jack Kingston of Georgia, Frank Wolf of Virginia and Zach Wamp of Tennessee – that would bring the earmark process to a halt and establish a panel to identify ways to permanently change the spending process.  The measure has been co-sponsored by 150 House Republicans, including the entire House Republican leadership team.  However, Speaker Pelosi, who as leader of the Democrat-controlled House has the power to shut down the chamber’s earmarking process immediately, declined to support the measure or the proposed moratorium.

“Washington cannot be fixed until the earmarks are stopped,” Boehner concluded.  “And this website will be a valuable tool in House Republicans’ fight to bring real change to a process that has undermined the public’s trust in their leaders in Congress.  I am hopeful the Majority will join House Republicans in committing to real, meaningful reform, but in the meantime, this website will shine a spotlight on their broken promises and empty rhetoric on earmarks.”



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