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Teamsters say: Fire Mary Peters (US Sec’y of Transportaion)!

Posted by wordforit on February 8, 2008

Heads to roll? Mexican trucks in U.S. sparks firing call
Transportation secretary ‘breaking law’ by allowing foreign vehicles

By Jerome R. Corsi (<<more by this writer)

© 2008 WorldNetDaily

Teamsters are launching a nationwide campaign to fire U.S. Secretary of Transportation Mary Peters for what they say is her “unlawful decision” to keep the American border open to Mexican trucks.

As WND reported, the Bush administration has decided to ignore a provision passed by Congress and signed into law by President Bush as part of the 2008 omnibus spending bill that was intended to remove funding from the 2008 DOT appropriations bill for the Mexican truck demonstration project.

“It’s a disgrace that Mary Peters is still in office,” said Teamsters General President James Hoffa in a news release today. “She has broken the law and defied the will of the American people by exposing them to dangerous trucks from Mexico.”

The Teamsters have created FireMaryPeters.com, a website complete with downloadable “Fire Mary Peters” windshield signs, recommended actions and an e-mail component urging citizens to ask their elected representatives to find Mary Peters in contempt of Congress.

The Teamsters have mailed a “Fire Mary Peters” bumper sticker to thousands of union members and supporters.

“Transportation Secretary Mary Peters is the latest member of the Bush administration to break the law,” the Teamster website proclaims. “She continues to give dangerous Mexican trucks access to our highways despite overwhelmingly bipartisan measures passed by Congress and signed by President Bush.”

The Teamsters have also placed posters and floor graphics in the Navy Yard Metro stop in Washington, D.C., near the DOT building.

Planned as well is a leafleting campaign at the Metro stop, where DOT employees will be handed cards asking them to call a “Fire Mary Peters” hotline to report other laws Peters has broken.

A “Fire Mary Peters” radio ad prepared by the Teamsters can be heard on the website.

A series of videos on the website shows a Teamster rally at the San Diego border and testimony Hoffa has given Congress opposing NAFTA.

The “Fire Mary Peters” campaign has a special focus in Peters’ home state of Arizona, where letters and bumper stickers have been mailed to thousands of Teamsters, urging them to take action.

Although not yet announced, widespread rumors persist that Peters is planning to run for governor of Arizona in 2010.

In a separate legal action, the Teamsters Union will argue in the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco on Feb. 12 that Peters broke federal laws aimed at ensuring American voters are not endangered by allowing Mexican trucks on U.S. roads.

WND telephoned the Department of Transportation asking for comment on this story, but received no return call.

Media wishing to interview the author of this article, please e-mail Tim Bueler.

More articles on this topic: WorldNetDaily

Why is DOT ignoring law? (Duncan Hunter)

Hoffa (Temsters) Mexican Trucks are disaster for US :

“All we’re asking is that Mexican trucks and truckers meet the same standards as American trucks and drivers,” Hoffa said. He cited the requirements in the United States for commercial drivers’ licenses, drug screening, physical evaluations, hazmat certifications, etc.

“It’s a whole process to make sure he’s a safe driver,” he said. But in Mexico, there are no databases of drivers with a history of recklessness and arrest, or even drug testing facilities, he said. “. . .



One Response to “Teamsters say: Fire Mary Peters (US Sec’y of Transportaion)!”

  1. timbob said

    This entire issue of alowing Mexican trucks on our highways is fascinating in and of itself. The globalist agenda is well underway and this is just another step in that direction. These are indeed strange times.

    There’s much that I could say on this matter, (such as the fact that allowing Mexican trucks on our highways lessens the overall cost of manufacturing products in Mexico) but I’ll keep it short. It would appear that Ross Perots “giant sucking sound” theory is alive and well.

    Sorry for not being by in a while. Things have been hectic; although I did squeeze a post in this morning. Have a blessed day in Jesus.


    WfI reply:

    Yes, Lil’ Bro, the more I look in to this, the more disgusted I am with how ignored those who have been sounding the alarm for years have been. My great-uncle O’Dell was the first I heard say it would become disastrous and that was back in the late 8os! He was a successful businessman in N.C. and even noticed the influx in the medical field way back then when the migrant workers would come during apple season. (then they would stay w/out restriction or accountability—some of his interest was real estate, as well)).

    I think you and one of my sisters works for the same manufacturer but different parts and departments—she’s actually a Master Scheduler but, nonetheless, they sit on pin & needles regarding job closings as much due to all this (compounded) fiasco as anything else.

    Here’s a link to a petition I intend to post—http://petitionearth.com/viewpetition.php?id=63 which will hopefully do some good.

    I’m so happy that we ultimately don’t have to fret, but that doesn’t make us less responsible for what’s right!

    With the joke this election season has become, I can’t help but wonder if what has been set in motion can be reversed and I know it cannot without God’s help.

    btw, did you see the note I left you at Richard’s blog? :-)

    As always, it’s great to see you, timbob!

    May God Bless and Keep You and Yours.

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