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You Don’t Speak for Me, Geraldo!

Posted by wordforit on February 6, 2008

 by: Digger

The other day Geraldo made the statement that “Any Spanish person who votes for an anti-immigration extremist is an Uncle Tom”. I really am surprised that it hasn’t gotten more attention.

For instance, people like Imus and Howard Cosell were lambasted and punished for making racial jokes while trying to be funny. Yet in the instance mentioned above, Geraldo was not trying to be funny, he was being outright racist. If you turn it around and say “Any white person who votes for Obama is an ‘Uncle Tom'” it would be neither funny, nor accepted by the media or any corporation you worked for as being acceptable. Yet Geraldo seems to have gotten a pass and I have heard no outrage on this or his removal from his position at Fox News.

Mariann Davies of You Don’t Speak For Me, a group of concerned Americans of Hispanic/Latino heritage, sent me the below comment speaking out about the statement by Geraldo. I print it below in full.

For starters, I’m not from Spain, “Spanish people” are Spaniards and shouldn’t be voting in our election.

Second, none of the Presidential candidates including those that have ended their campaigns are or were ever “anti-immigration extremists”. So he doesn’t really have anything to worry about. However, if he is slandering any candidate past or present in this election cycle by name-calling those that are taking a realistic approach to ending ILLEGAL immigration, and are knowledgeable about the very, real threats to our national security due to the inadequate security of our nation’s borders, then Rivera should apologize.

I’m an educated, American citizen and I select a candidate based solely on whether or not the issues they stand for are those that are important to me, my family and my country. Sadly, Geraldo’s comments reveal that he, along with many of the ethno-centric illegal immigration advocates, are incapable of judging any person without regard to ethnicity or race.

Comments like his, reveal that Geraldo seeks to deny and discredit the widely divergent opinions of Americans of Hispanic heritage, like me and my family, on the issue of illegal immigration and other political issues.

There are those of us Americans who have moved beyond the issue of race…..and can analyze a candidate’s stance on the issues/policies independently and never have played or seek to indulge in “identity politics”.

My loyalty is to God, my family and my country, not to the agenda of La RAZA, and the like.

Geraldo Rivera does not speak for all “Spanish” people, all Americans, all Republicans nor Hispanic/Latinos in this country.

It’s time to take off the identity-politics glasses, Geraldo.

M.Davies, Esq.

Thanks to Mariann and I’d urge others who are offended by Geraldo’s comments to start speaking out.

Source: DiggersRealm.com



2 Responses to “You Don’t Speak for Me, Geraldo!”

  1. Anonymous said

    uncle tom! :P

    I hoped Geraldo might become smarter with age. . .

  2. Angie said

    Wow, Thanks M.Davis. I do not understand the rationale of Geraldo nor others like him. When you speak this way you are actually being racist as M.Davis points out.

    Hugs back at you, friend!

    I know it’s mean, but when I first read the stories way-back-when about Geraldo being busted in the nose a few times, I kinda felt for the guy, as the intention was in the way it was presented. After years of his ignorant statements, I can see why. Isn’t it strange how the loud-mouth, nonsensical always find a way to make people believe what they’re saying?

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