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The Ron Paul Attraction

Posted by wordforit on February 3, 2008

In modern times, third-party candidates have been little more than a curious distraction from the main event, often siphoning enough votes from one major party to ensure victory by the other. Al Gore, for example, is convinced that Ralph Nader’s votes put George W. Bush in the White House.

Ron Paul was a third-party candidate in 1988. Running as a Libertarian, he finished last. In 2008, he is running as a Republican, and he is causing a curious distraction in the Republican congregation. Bill Kristol, Mr. “New Republican,” to many, calls Ron Paul a “crackpot“. But Paul’s simple message is inspiring people on both sides of the political spectrum and recruiting thousands of young, previously disinterested voters.

The simplicity of Paul’s message disarms his critics, who, like Kristol, rather than stand and debate, denigrate and discount the candidate. Though his message is simple and straight forward, his philosophy is way beyond the grasp of his critics.

Paul advocates abolishing the Internal Revenue Service. “Can’t be done,” say his critics. Paul advocates withdrawing from the United Nations. “Can’t be done,” say his critics. Paul advocates returning to commodity money. “Can’t be done,” say his critics. But a growing number of common people – the voters of America – are asking why it can’t be done.

Ron Paul is not only a constitutional scholar; he has a grasp of free-market economics that few people can claim. When Paul calls for the abolition of the IRS, it is not simply to rid the people of the nuisance of unnecessary tax forms and the pain of escalating payments. He actually understands the economic forces at work, and how the removal of this bureaucratic and economic burden can fan the flames of prosperity for the entire nation.

Every American should set aside the time to listen to a speech by Ron Paul, in which he explains how his philosophy leads him to the policy proposals that cause heartburn in is critics. Rarely does a voter have an opportunity to see what’s behind the sound-bite reports, or why the candidate takes a particular position. Bill Kristol, and others who give Ron Paul no respect, should listen to this speech, and learn more about freedom and the free market than is taught in any college.

Third-party campaigns have rarely been successful in American politics . They have, however, served to raise issues to national awareness. Ron Paul’s Republican candidacy is given little or no chance by the pundits and pollsters. His supporters ignore the polls, and they continue to amaze the experts with record-setting “money bombs” and ferocious displays of enthusiasm on campus, in urban centers and in the hinterland.

Should Paul fail in his bid for the Republican nomination, his supporters will, no doubt, urge him to continue his effort as a third-party candidate. He has said that he has no intention of doing so, but he has not flatly ruled out the possibility.

Whether he wins or loses, as a Republican or as a third-party candidate, he has opened Pandora’s box to the treasures of freedom to a generation from whom it was hidden by the public school system. The tremors being felt throughout the Republican Party could well be precursors of an upcoming upheaval in the Republican platform. The power of Ron Paul’s message could erupt and spread the principles of freedom all over the Republican National Convention.

It is impossible to champion the principles of freedom, while at the same time, embracing the Law of the Sea Treaty – as far too many Republicans have done. Ron Paul rejects this, and other treaties that bring no benefit to the United States, while encumbering this nation with sovereignty-stealing, money-draining obligations to an international authority.

It is impossible to claim reverence for the U.S. Constitution, while at the same time embracing government policies that take private property from individual citizens – as far too many Democrats and Republicans have done. Ron Paul rejects the notion that government must control and direct the destiny of its citizens.

His philosophy describes a governmental system that exists to protect the “unalienable rights” of its citizens. He stands as a lonely defender against governmental mission-creep, inherent in all governments. He rejects the notion that government is omnipotent and, therefore, entitled to direct the lives of its subjects.

He makes no apology for standing on the same constitutional rock that launched the idea that “government is empowered by the consent of the governed.” His message, and his appeal, is the determination to hammer this principle back into the machinery of government.

It is the appeal of his message that is spreading among the young and previously disinterested. Freedom is contagious. Even a glimpse of what could be – without the layers of government bureaucracy and international intrigue – is causing people to respond in ways that threaten the Republican establishment.

The message Ron Paul brings is neither a Republican, nor a Democratic message. It is a message of freedom for Americans. To many, it is a new message, and it is, indeed, most appealing. (emphasis throughout-WfI)

Henry Lamb is the chairman of Sovereignty International and founder of the Environmental Conservation Organization (ECO). _______________________________________________________


6 Responses to “The Ron Paul Attraction”

  1. […] WordforIt wrote an interesting post today on The Ron Paul Attraction Here’s a quick excerpt…to the United States, while encumbering this nation with sovereignty-stealing, money-draining obligations to an international authority. […]

  2. […] wordforit wrote an interesting post today on The Ron Paul Attraction Here’s a quick excerptRon Paul is not only a constitutional scholar; he has a grasp of free-market economics that few people can claim. […]

  3. Zach said

    Excellent article! If only the people would simply study the intent of the founders when they wrote the constitution and find exactly why the message of Ron Paul is not only what’s needed for this country, but is a relatively new concept because that freedom and independence that we inherited from our founders was under attack the day it was established! I am afraid to say this but, I fear for the future of my child and the United States as a whole if ANYONE but Ron Paul is put into the white house in 2009. There WILL be some very hard times ahead, YOU CAN MARK MY WORDS, if people waste their vote on anyone else!

    WfI reply:

    Thanks, Zach, for caring about the US and our future. Of all the things needed to be researched immediately, the candidates’ platforms are urgent.

    You are justified in your concern for your child’s future. . .I grieve to think of the restraints and control they will face from a gov’t selling our country as we speak.

    The public should be wondering why the corporate-controlled media keeps trying to shove Dr. Paul in the background. I have actually talked to people who still have not heard Dr. Paul’s name and some who think he’s a candidate who hasn’t been around for long. No excuses for not researching in such a volatile era!!

  4. bonds7 said

    A severe recession is upon the United States.

    We as citizens need to wake up and realize our financial stability is on the brink of cracking. Check out http://www.recession2008.wordpress.com and watch some of the smartest people in the world debate this issue and talk about the facts hidden from us.

    WfI Reply:

    Thanks, bonds7! I applaud your effort, as well, and hope many will come to see your post!! It’s not difficult to see why Dr. Paul has such a strong support, if people will take the time to seek. I can’t believe we have been dumbed-down so severely as to consider race or gender a “qualifier” while so many fires rage.

  5. I totally agree with your reasons for supporting Paul! Unfortunately, if you believe this article I found – the big “G” is still the one to beat ;).

    WfI Reply:

    Well, that’s good news and I pray that God is still on our side and that the surveys showing high numbers of those on God’s side are correct! Thanks for the new source!!

    From article commenter referenced:
    “Because I manage both religious and political sites for my clients, it’s important for me to know what topics and keywords are most popular among web surfers,” explains Desorcy. “I recently ran a comparison of searches for the top-tier presidential candidates’ names in both parties and for God. I looked at the search data for last month – January 2008. Except for the fairly regular daily spikes whenever Ron Paul has one of his massive online fundraising successes, God is still getting the highest volume of searches.”

    As for Hillary Clinton, she’s having a hard time keeping up with both Ron Paul and God in the battle for online searches. “Search volume on Hillary’s name is steady, but nowhere close to Ron Paul’s and God’s,” Desorcy says.

  6. Beth Young said

    This is so good. I wholeheartedly agree with your stance on Ron Paul. Thanks for sharing :-)


    WfI Reply:

    Thanks, Beth, and as a fellow American, I appreciate your support of what’s good and right for our country!!

    May God Forgive and Have Mercy!!

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