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What does the Bible say about the Ice Age? GotQuestions.org

Posted by wordforit on January 2, 2008

GotQuestions.org has a myriad of questions (over 135,000!) with answers that are concise and augmented with other questions answered that weren’t covered in the first question with leads to info from other sources and so on. 

Have a question about God, Jesus, the Bible or theology? They will answer!

Statement of Faith (all links-new windows)

Another example question: What is “The Secret”? What is the law of attraction?

There are other questions at the bottom of the following linked page. For instance, read about pangea/pangaea (the earth as one giant super-continent) or you can submit one of your own: http://www.gotquestions.org/ice-age.html 


GQ’S answer about Ice Age:

The Bible doesn’t explicitly mention the Ice Age. It wasn’t something that had much impact upon the writers of the Bible as they all lived in the Middle East, a region far south of the continental glaciations.

Creationists are typically delighted by evidence for an Ice Age. They contend that secular dating assumptions are off quite a bit (with good reason I might add) and they site the Ice Age as an effect of the Noachian flood. Secular scientists on the other hand have difficulty explaining how the Ice Age began. As Dr. Walt Brown points out, “An ice age implies extreme snowfall which, in turn, requires cold temperatures and heavy precipitation. Heavy precipitation can occur only if oceans are warm enough to produce equally heavy evaporation. How could warm oceans exist with cold atmospheric temperatures? Another problem is stopping an ice age once it begins-or beginning a new ice age after one ends. As glaciers expand, they reflect more of the Sun’s radiation away from earth, lowering temperatures and causing glaciers to grow even more. Eventually the entire globe should freeze. Conversely, if glaciers shrink, as they have in recent decades, the earth should reflect less heat into space, warm up, and melt all glaciers forever.” (Walt Brown, In the Beginning, 2001, p 92)

On topics such as this, we are happy to refer people to resources that are more advanced and more in-depth than we can provide. Dr. Walt Brown explains how the Ice Age serves as evidence for the flood in his In the Beginning, available to read online at – http://www.creationscience.com/. To read how Dr. Brown believes the flood explains the Ice Age, visit – http://www.creationscience.com/HydroplateOverview.html.

For more information on this subject and a creation perspective similar to but slightly different than Dr. Brown’s, I also recommend the links at:

Recommended Resource: The Genesis Flood by Henry Morris and John Whitcomb.


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