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Baby Needs New Shoes

Posted by wordforit on January 1, 2008

Americans United for Separation of Church and State has long worked with the ACLU and others to eliminate religious freedom, step by step. Recent developments in South Carolina seem to indicate that the group takes “step by step” quite literally.

Laces4Love gives shoes to needy students. The program began in 2001 after founding members noticed schoolchildren wearing shoes that didn’t fit or were inappropriate for cold weather, and now distributes more than 12,000 pairs of shoes free of charge throughout two counties in South Carolina. But according to Americans United, this activity needs to stop.

Americans United has threatened school districts with legal action for allowing the ministry to donate shoes to its students because Laces4Love is a religious organization. It is outrageous (the understatement of the week) that those who champion the so-called “separation of church and state” would be so adamant in their stance that they are willing to ignore the material needs of underprivileged schoolchildren. This quote expresses it best:

“It is unconscionable to deny needy schoolchildren new shoes simply because the group sponsoring the program is a religious one,” said ADF Senior Legal Counsel David Cortman. “Instead of honoring acts of human kindness through this program, Americans United has once again used its bully tactics to try to prohibit a very worthwhile effort.”

A copy of the ADF letter sent to clarify the law and offer legal assistance to the Edgefield County and Aiken County school districts can be read at www.telladf.org/UserDocs/EdgefieldAikenLetter.pdf.

Rest assured that we have offered legal defense, free of charge, for both school districts should they face a court challenge. Laces4Love is providing a wonderful service to the community, and it would be our privilege to defend its rights from the bullying actions of Americans United.

Retrieved from: AllianceDefenseFund.org (all links=new windows)


Pretty sad that some place an agenda against Christians above children needing shoes!

Matthew 10:22: “And ye shall be hated of all men for my name’s sake: but he that endureth to the end shall be saved.” 


2 Responses to “Baby Needs New Shoes”

  1. timbob said

    Good morning. I’m running fast this morning but wanted to stop by and let you know that I haven’t been abducted in the middle of the night by the globalists. (At least not yet)

    Have a blessed day and a blessed 2008 in Jesus.


  2. Ben said

    I left a comment that corrected misconceptions in this article. Americans United did not, as you say above, protest because Laces4Love is a religious organization. They protested because part of the process by which the children received their shoes was to undergo a religious ritual, i.e., ritual foot-washing. Religious ritual has no place in public schools, which must be neutral, i.e., neither supportive nor adversarial toward any particular religion. Rev. Lynn of AU has described the program as worthy and laudable, as long as the recipients of the shoes weren’t pressured to be part of a religious ceremony.

    Read page 2 of the letter in the pdf link I offer and went to the trouble of just checking to make sure it works.

    The letter is from the Alliance Defense Fund to the Aiken and Edgefield County School Superintendents. Essentially, the attorney is letting them know that AFD will defend Laces4Love free of charge. He assures them that obtaining parental permission, not using coercion, and GIVING THE STUDENTS A DAMP WIPE TO CLEAN THEIR FEET OR, IF THEY ASK, CLEANING THE FEET FOR THEM BEFORE PUTTING THE SHOES ON, IS NOT A RELIGIOUS RITUAL nor a violation of laws. (paraphrased)

    Is Americans United like the ACLU, who recently defended sex in public restrooms as a privacy matter? Oops, I don’t have citation. . .

    If you have other sources, that would have been nice before you think to correct anyone without making it a point to share the most pertinent part of your “defense”: documentation. Why am I being nasty? You’re wasting my time, and I imagine many others in an argument over shoes for kids that amounts to the “witch hunts” of which Christians are so often accused . . . as the attorney stated, “inconsequential”.

    I’ve seen kids come to school in shorts and t-shirts, no coat, no socks, no shoelaces. In January. Have you? If they are doing without, someone needs to ‘step-up’. Distributing shoes is not what AU should be expending energy worrying about…

    You were ignored the first time because, although I have citation, you come along and want me to change my post b/c “you say so”. That’s the biggest problem online, everyone’s got an opinion/story and people begin adopting lies for beliefs.

    May God Have Mercy.

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