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Illegal Immigrant Dilemma: Tallies in Real Time

Posted by wordforit on December 27, 2007


Alexander Hamilton opposed granting citizenship immediately to new immigrants: “To admit foreigners indiscriminately to the rights of citizens the moment they [set] foot in our country would be nothing less than to admit the Grecian horse into the citadel of our liberty and sovereignty.” Instead, he recommended that we gradually draw newcomers into American life, “to enable aliens to get rid of foreign and acquire American attachments; to learn the principles and imbibe the spirit of our government; and to admit of a philosophy, at least, of their feeling a real interest in our affairs”.

Theodore Roosevelt wrote: “In the first place we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith becomes an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birth place, or origin. But this is predicated upon the man’s becoming in very fact an American, and nothing but an American…There can be no divided allegiance here.”

Visit Immigration Counters.com to see tallies in real time concerning:

* Money Wired to Mexico Since Jan 2006

* Illegal Immigrants in Country

* Cost of Social Services for Illegal Immigrants Since 1996

*Children of Illegals in Public Schools 

*OTM Illegals In Country

*Cost of Incarcerations Since 2001

*Illegal Immigrant Fugitives

*Anchor Babies Since 2002

*Skilled Jobs Taken by Illegal Immigrants

and more as the tickers roll continually!

ImmigrationCounters.com is dedicated to those concerned with how their borders and immigration laws are being managed. It shows the realities of illegal immigration, while challenging the popular myths. After decades of passively watching these problems grow, Americans are now waking up to the severity of this issue. Thanks to informed citizens’ quick actions, 20 loopholes were discovered in the 347-page Immigration Reform Act. The document became suspect when a complex, previously ignored problem suddenly had “a bill living in the shadows” that required a quick vote. Some legislators are now wisely suggesting that we address immigration problems with smaller bills in order to solve the problem incrementally, piece-by-piece, rather than trying to fix the entire problem at once–an impossible task. Securing our borders, enforce the existing laws, punish employers who violate the laws, removing the magnets by curbing free social services for illegal immigrants and demand that Latin American leaders create a strong middle class. We must also address the fact that we are soft on illegal immigrants caught in crimes and not deported. No other country would allow this to continue. If we remove the many “magnets” which attract illegal immigrants into our country, we’ll see significant self-deportation as a result. Government agencies and officials at all levels must address the concerns of the nation as well as local communities when it comes to immigration, both legal and illegal. Past mistakes have been made in attempts to fix immigration; our communities can no longer afford these kinds of mistakes….”

Full Article: ImmigrationCounters.com  

Outstanding information!

God’s Blessings…


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