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2Chronicles7:14-“If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”

Designer Faith, Rootless Values

Posted by wordforit on December 19, 2007

Anytime we add to or take away from God’s Word, we are elevating ourselves to know “a better way”. A little blasphemy with that pride, ma’am/sir?

The two articles below reference the confusion and doubt our youth are feeling regarding the Holy Bible. I observe daily that adults are also rejecting God’s Word, or changing it to suit their desires, and are just as ambivalent in seeking answers elsewhere or to “add to”. Not to excuse the folly of youth, but it’s not hard to understand, given our culture, why they opt for what seems easy and self-gratifying… Again, no excuses. We have resources for study in God’s Word.

According to Malachi 3:6, God does not change. Those who are revising and adding to His word into a lie will have the blood of those they mislead on their hands. Ezekiel 33:1-9 teaches us to “watch” and “warn”.

As a brother blogger said, and I agree, one can almost ‘feel’ the darkness. It’s so prevalent, how could we miss it if we pray, study and discern in the ways of Jesus?

Double condemnation to those who know and do nothing (good) through idleness or spreading false teaching . . .  I didn’t say so, God did.

God’s Blessings on those who persevere for righteousness.


Poll says American Youth Waning on Christianity – Secularism Edges Forward <<< Complete Article (all links=new windows)

by Rev Michael Bresciani


…In today’s system of education and learning we still appeal to youthful idealism and that compunction to choose the shiny and new. The only difference today is that with the emergence of all that is called or related to “political correctness” the thrust of secular humanism’s teaching is based only on what has been proscribed, slanted or wholly founded on a Godless world view. More than a trend, this has become the order of the day. It has become that “authority” that is conspicuously overlooked even as the young are urged to question all authority.

… That Christianity is viewed as hypocritical is not surprising. The young of this generation follow the same proclivities as those of all other preceding generations. Seeing the world and its various classes and social segments through the lens of youthful idealism always produces the same result when reality sets in over time, disillusionment. Shiny coins grow dull in a very short time when left exposed.

The secular humanist cannot afford to teach their students or proselytes that hypocrisy is a world wide human condition and not something generated by or exclusive to Christianity. Every religion, profession, calling, discipline or philosophy has its hypocrites. This fact neither disproves the aforementioned nor establishes them.

Christianity isn’t about the revered saints juxtaposed against the faltering wannabes. It is about Jesus Christ, the consummate example and the only litmus test. He could not be charged with any sin or hypocrisy. If we hold our selves up to his example, we would not dare to compare ourselves to others. There is something about the business of noting hypocrites that is in it self quite hypocritical…


Barna Finds Four Mega-Themes in Recent Research <<< Complete Article

by The Barna Group

…Designer Faith, Rootless Values

As young adults, teenagers and adolescents have become accustomed to radical individualism, they have introduced such thinking and behavior into the faith realm, as well. Faith is an acceptable attribute and pursuit among most young people. However, their notions of faith do not align with conventional religious perspectives or behavior. For instance, young people are still likely to claim the label “Christian,” but the definition of that term has been broadened beyond traditional parameters.

In fact, the values that young people are prone to embrace are often consistent with Christian beliefs but are not based on biblical foundations. For instance, while young Americans have adopted values such as goodness, kindness and tolerance, they remain skeptical of the Bible, church traditions, and rules or behaviors based upon religious teaching…

…The Barna Group, Ltd. (which includes its research division, The Barna Research Group) conducts primary research, produces media resources pertaining to spiritual development, and facilitates the healthy spiritual growth of leaders, children, families and Christian ministries. Located in Ventura, California, Barna has been conducting and analyzing primary research to understand cultural trends related to values, beliefs, attitudes and behaviors since 1984. If you would like to receive free e-mail notification of the release of each new, bi-monthly update on the latest research findings from The Barna Group, you may subscribe to this free service at the Barna website www.barna.org.



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