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2Chronicles7:14-“If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”

Simple Bible Quiz

Posted by wordforit on December 10, 2007


Want to give Yourself a Little Quiz?
From (Knowledge and Relationship in Balance. Greg Koukl)

“Get yourself a couple of sheets of lined paper and then list all the books of the Bible in order. Then, on the blank line after it write a one-sentence summary of what the book is about. One sentence, that’s all.

Sound too hard? It might be, but it strikes me that if we are Christians and believe that this is the guide for our lives, then we ought to be able to know what each of the books is basically about.

Is that too hard? Let’s try something else.

Take any book. One book of the Bible. List the author’s name, the theme of the book, what the book is about, and then a short outline of what the flow of thought is, the reasoning, the arguments in the book, how the thought is developed.

It seems to me if we are children of the book, if we take the truth seriously, if we say the Bible is the Word of God, by golly, we ought to know what Paul was up to in the book of Philippians. Or what Hebrews is about so that we’re not just grabbing a verse that assuages our need for an emotional lift in the moment, seize it right out of the context , and use it for our own personal ends rather than addressing it for the purposes that God and the author intended.

If somebody you really loved wrote you an important letter, don’t you think you’d read in entirety to find out what they meant to say? Or would you just find a couple lines that you liked and then feel that you were doing a service to that person? You’d do the former, not the latter.

The Bible, the New Testament, is letters. A lot of them. To the degree that we can’t pass that simple test, it’s to that degree we turn out to be somewhat bankrupt. Is that fair to say? I’m not appealing here for theological degrees. I’m just saying basics.

Do you know what the books are about? Can you give me an outline of one of them? That’s the test.”

Credit: In Plain Site: Defending the Faith


Note (WordForIt):

I love that, putting it in terms of receiving a letter from someone we are excited to hear from!! How many love letters have been saved through the ages and found after the sender/receiver have passed away? Shouldn’t we get that same thrill in our letters from God?

Hebrews was written by an anonymous author (many suggestions have been made, including Paul) , and it’s theme is the superiority of Christ, therefore Christianity. We cannot just say Christianity is superior through Christ, we have to be able to defend it through study. Hebrews 3:7-19 The catastrophe of unbelief in Jesus Christ.

The Church at Philippi was the first church Paul established in Europe, and Philippians is a letter from Paul while in prison. The city of Philippi was founded by King Philip of Macedonia, father of Alexander the Great. The theme of Philippians is the pattern (humility of Christ), prize (knowledge of Christ), and peace of the Christian life (presence of Christ). Philippians 2: 5-11 The epitome of humility.

Oddly, I can easily “go to” the books by having the chronology in mind, but to name them in order is not something I have done in a while and found that to be a challenge.  

The Bible covers everything, whether implicit or explicit and I find great joy with comfort in getting to know the history and plans in God’s Word!

God’s Blessings on All.


3 Responses to “Simple Bible Quiz”

  1. Gene Thomas said

    “Sound too hard? It might be, but it strikes me that if we are Christians and believe that this is the guide for our lives, then we ought to be able to know what each of the books is basically about.”

    Well, maybe. I have been a Christian for some 17 years of my adult life. Most of that time I have been a teacher–Sunday School, Wed. Bible study and for the past 5 years, Sunday night discipleship study. I am retired, so I have the time to spend 6-8 hours each week preparing my Sunday night class which is an in-depth look at the Bible with a specific goal of learning what is expected of us.

    I flunk your test.

    Well, perhaps this is another challenging approach, Gene! None of us are going to do things the same way or with the same results. Good to hear from you again!

    God’s Blessings on You and Your Efforts.

  2. Daniel said

    Hi Odale,
    There is no higher endeavor in this life than to purposely study God’s Word. Something begins to happens to our most inner being when we allow the words of the divine to enter into our spirits.

    God Bless,
    Absolutely and Amen, Daniel! I learn something new every day and it may be from scripture I’ve read or heard plenty of times.

    It’s difficult sometimes to shut everything out and concentrate solely on the scriptures and the same goes when we’re praying but, as you said in your post about prayer, these are the most important habits to work toward.

    Glad to hear from you, brother!
    In His Love.

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