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If I Weren’t Such a Sissy, I’d Go to Jail!

Posted by wordforit on October 28, 2007

For twenty million dollars?!? Wait a minute, I don’t really like the looks of those jumpsuits, either…

Apparently, it’s not in the religious codes to obey the laws of the land but a ham sandwich is out-of-the-question! I cannot imagine being a defense lawyer assigned a case that entailed protesting what is on the menu at a prison. To not have a menu, or food, is another matter.

Love and compassion is a given but, please explain to me why we are this accommodating to prisoners! Children are starving in the world and the inmates in the article below have the audacity to file lawsuits over a ham sandwich? Send the ham sandwiches to the starving children and escort the prisoners back to their cells!

I once knew a guy who had fourteen DUIs on his record. He cursed the legal system, his free lawyer, his wife, his children, and his parents. Everyone except himself. He managed to coerce the state into sending him a monthly check and pay for his college education because it was not his fault he lost his carpet cleaning business and could not control his drinking. Seems to me the only thing of his that he protected was his drinking…

Painting in to a corner…


Muslim Prisoners Sue for Millions over Ham Sandwiches

A prison menu offering ham sandwiches has prompted a multi-million-dollar lawsuit by Muslim inmates who claim their human rights were violated.

Officials at the high security prison in Leeds, England, denied they gave any of their 200 Muslim prisoners ham sandwiches. But they admitted a mistake in the special menus printed during the Islamic Ramadan holiday, the London Daily Mail reported.

Islam forbids eating any products from pigs.

The Muslim prisoners complained after discovering ham sandwiches were one of three options on the menu. Prison officers on duty explained the menus had been printed in error.

Some inmates, however, claim that when they ordered cheese sandwiches they found boiled ham between the bread slices, the London paper reported.

One inmate, 28, said some inmates were so hungry they ended up eating the ham sandwiches.

He’s among the prisoners who could get up to $20 million in the legal action.

“It was a breach of my human rights and I want compensation,” he said.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Justice stated: “An inappropriate menu card was printed during Ramadan. This mistake was rectified immediately. Appropriate menu options for the Iftaar evening meal were available throughout Ramadan. Prison Service guidelines state that prisoners must have a diet which meets the requirements of their religion.”

Separately, 16 Muslim inmates at Leeds Prison also are preparing a legal case on claims of mistreatment, including being given food that was not “halal,” or prepared according to Islamic requirements.

Last year, the Daily Mail noted, the UK’s Prison Service was forced to apologize to Muslim inmates at a prison in Worcestershire where a kitchen worker was seen tossing canned ham into halal curries.

Source: World Net Daily


2 Responses to “If I Weren’t Such a Sissy, I’d Go to Jail!”

  1. if that was their only option, maybe. but maybe not even then.

  2. marlajayne said

    This is unbelievable. This might sound a little harsh to some people, but it seems to me that you lose a little of your freedom when you’ve committed a crime and are in prison. Yes, let’s send the sandwiches to Darfur…or even to the hungry right here in the good old US of A.

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