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2Chronicles7:14-“If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”

Fine Line Between Anger and Hate…

Posted by wordforit on October 25, 2007

A Muslim and a Christian supposedly have a good rapport for nine years, then something goes awry and one sends a hateful note. Not just an, “I think your an idiot.” note, but a note threatening ones family! This was not two kids who haven’t developed coping skills! These are grown women, both with children. The note sender, who I wish would not have mentioned being a Christian, threatened the Muslim lady and her children.

I do not understand the point of her bringing up 9-11 as a payback type justification, which is, in my opinion, a desecration to those who lost their lives when thrown around so arbitrarily. What does that have to do with their job? It’s terrible and immature enough, but to betray a nine year work relationship trust and bring religion or ethnicity in to the mix, threatening an innocent family, is outrageous.

We are all victims of bigotry, no matter who we are or what we believe and it just does not make sense. I guess if satan can keep us occupied with nonsense about what’s wrong with our neighbor, he doesn’t have to worry about us striving to be like Christ.

It’s a horrible life for Muslims who have been subjected to hostility in the name of religious differences. It’s one thing to be wary or suspicious, but to threaten someone and their children puts a hateful face on all who are “different”… Wouldn’t you agree that covers a lot of area?  

Woman Gets 8 Months in Hate Note Case 

October 24, 2007


Filed at 11:20 p.m. ET

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — A woman who sent her Arab-American boss a threatening note that warned ”Remember 9/11” and ”You and your kids will pay” was sentenced Wednesday to eight months in a federal halfway house.

Kia Reid, who described herself as Christian, donned gloves to craft the note from magazine clippings and then left it in Nina Timani’s office, prosecutors said.

Timani said during a victim impact statement that she had spent months wondering who sent the anonymous note and fearing that her two young children would be harmed.

Timani said she was stunned when an FBI investigation led to the 35-year-old Reid, whom she had mentored and befriended during nine years together at a Philadelphia hotel.

”How could you — when you have written that you want to tie my kids to the fence — play with my daughter at a … picnic?” Timani asked.

Reid said she sent the letter in anger, not in hatred, after she had been unable to get help with a workplace dispute at the airport Sheraton Suites Hotel.

”I thought all of the nonsense that was going on would stop,” the mother of three teenage children explained Wednesday to U.S. District Judge Gene E.K. Pratter.

Reid did not detail the nature of the work dispute. The Philadelphia woman was arrested in October 2006 after an FBI informant recorded her discussing the note.

She later pleaded guilty to one count of sending a threatening hate note, a misdemeanor.

The judge probed Reid’s cultural attitudes at length before announcing the sentence. Prosecutors had sought a one-year prison term.

Timani, a practicing Muslim born in Egypt, said she sought help from the FBI over the objections of her husband. ”I defied convention because I had to know who was going to kill me and my kids,” she said.

Timani said that her father, a California surgeon, could not fly after the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks because he was mistakenly listed on a no-fly list. Her brother took an American name to blend in after his Dallas home was egged and stoned, she said.

”I came forward for my kids,” she said. ”I have found my inner peace by helping spread tolerance to people of other faiths,” she said.


Word For It: I am a Christian and I hold to the truth of Romans 3: 23-24~ “For all have sinned and come short of the Glory of God; Being justified freely by His Grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus.” Ryrie study Bible, KJV

God Bless and Keep You, In the Name Of Christ Jesus, Always and Amen.


7 Responses to “Fine Line Between Anger and Hate…”

  1. marlajayne said

    What’s really ironic about this is that the person who was threatening the Muslim woman probably sees herself as completely justified in what she did. I know a woman who is a Christian and is always (really) quoting scripture to me. She has a Masters degree from a seminary somewhere, and until she married and had children, she worked in a “professional Christian capacity.” Anyway, she once told me that whenver she saw one of “them” (someone with a middle Eastern look) she either shunned them or glared at them without speaking. Her words: “I don’t like them.” I asked her if she thought God loved Caucasians born in the USA more than these people, and she looked at me like I was a nitwit or something.

    Didn’t He say that the second greatest commandment was to love our neighbors as we do our own selves?

  2. Odale said

    It’s unbelievable! We are being persecuted all over the globe, yet there are those among us who do the same thing to others?!? Hard to believe an “educated” individual would act in such a way, but especially if they are supposedly biblically aware. Why is she quoting scripture if she’s not living it?? Ridiculous, but dangerous.
    I’ve heard remarks that made me cringe in thinking someone could dislike someone they don’t even know. There are “bad” people everywhere.
    I saw a “Dateline” episode in which the son of a hardworking couple murdered the mom and brother for money (inheritance), after he had lied to them for years about being in college. The dad survived and now has to live with knowing his firstborn murdered his wife and younger son. The father is a christian and was able to forgive “whoever did this” before he knew it was his own son… My point is that this kid was a nice looking, clean cut young man whom we would never, ever suspect by appearance. God help us!!

  3. marlajayne said

    Unfortunately, I hear a lot of people quoting scripture that they’re not living. I’ve also observed people twisting it around to make it suit their own purpose.

    This probably isn’t the greatest example in the world, but it’s what I’ve got on my mind right now. I’m going to a conference this weekend that actually last through Sunday around 2:00, but since I didn’t want to attend on Sunday, I talked to one of the organizers about not having to pay for that day. The way it was set up, the price included Friday evening and all day Saturday and Sunday. At first she didn’t want to work with me, so I told her that I had other plans–attending church with one of my daughters. She hesitated a moment and then refigured the fees so that now I only have to pay for Saturday.

    Anyway, it’d be easy AND enlightening to stay through Sunday and forgo church, but is that keeping the Sabbath holy? I know lots of folks who shop, dine out, and work on Sunday just like it’s any other day. In fact, (here’s a big admission), I’ll probably dine out with my daughter after church Sunday, and when I get home, I’ll have work to do to get ready for Monday. What does keeping the Sabbath holy really mean???? Am I twisting around a commandment to suit my needs and wants?

    About that story, was the father as forgiving when he found out it was his own son?

  4. Odale said

    Keeping the Sabbath Holy is undoubtedly a question for a lot of people. I know some people who will not eat at a restaurant on Sunday nor will they go home and expect someone else to prepare them a meal…I mean, they keep as strictly to the commandment as possible in regards to work and rest, but we could get in to a question of whether cars should be driven to church and are church dinners and business meetings afterward proper on Sundays? Then there’s the argument of Sat/Sun worship…ALL days should be Holy! :-)
    I rarely do much more than go to church and study, but I have had to work on Sundays in the past even though I did not like the idea. Now, I would approach the situation differently in that I would be on call at the very most…On the other hand, could another day off during the week be set aside as ones worship day? To be honest, God’s Holiness rarely leaves my mind so I can’t imagine not having time for Him.
    It has to come down to free will and personal choice because reversing the culture would take, literally, an Act of God! Could, and will, happen!
    I’m glad the lady was reasonable about not charging you for a day you wouldn’t be there! Doesn’t always happen! You know I love road trips! Yay!
    Yes, the dad was still forgiving when he found out it was his son and he got choked up when asked. What a tragedy…the Prodigal Son, indeed!!

  5. *starts humming “and they’l know we are Christians by our love…”*

    and if you have to “describe yourself” as one, instead of just being one, you might need to do a bit of searching…

  6. Odale said

    Hi, blueraindrop! Nice of you to visit! We used to sing that song in our youth group…haven’t heard it in years! “It only takes a spark to get a fire going…and they’ll know we are Christians by our love, by our love…” Very pretty and true song. Unfortunately, everyone that claims (or “describes”, as the lady in the article) they are a Christian, aren’t really sure of the dynamics. I agree that we should exude the fact, and it’s the highest compliment when it’s recognized (especially by someone we don’t know), but I am seeing the need to be more assertive in today’s world. One, b/c of the “impersonators” and, two, b/c we need to rebuke evil out loud!
    Thanks for dropping in! God Bless and Keep You and Yours.

  7. music said

    very interesting.
    i’m adding in RSS Reader

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