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Teachers “Packin’ Heat”?

Posted by wordforit on October 5, 2007

Would you give schoolteachers permission to carry a gun? After my experience at the middle school, I am afraid one might “go postal” and shoot “Smart Aleck Jo” in the kneecaps…if “Smart Aleck Jo” doesn’t shoot them first.

A teacher in Medford, Oregon is suing for the right to protect herself from an abusive soon-to-be-ex husband who has violated a restraining order and threatened to kill her. One part that sounds ludicrous is that he is a substitute teacher in the same district for which she teaches! Police have been stationed in the school but she feels they are too far to be of help if anything happens. Highly possible…

If the husband was abusive, why does he have the opportunity to walk around like a normal person and cause this much distress? Why is he around other people’s kids if she is in fear for herself and their daughter?

After being in the volatile public school system of a relatively small community, I cannot imagine what it must be like for teachers in a large district. One of the subs used to say that all parents should be required to work at the schools for a month. He would hit the panic button at the first sign of trouble, he said, to keep from “snatching one up”.

It is true that the challenges in maintaining classroom structure are enormous but I have also heard teachers come out with comments that would have caused me to protest. Vehemently.

Teachers carrying guns to school, though? I am not sure I would feel secure knowing my child was going to school at a potential firing range <because of the teachers who are supposed to protect her or him>. One of the reasons I did not check the box allowing corporal punishment when my son was in school was that I did not trust who might feel qualified in administering punishment.  

I would have made other arrangements for his education if I thought the teachers were “packing heat”.

Should the teacher in Oregon be allowed to carry a gun (Glock 9mm)? Would this set precedence for other teachers to demand the same right? Does this come under “right to bear arms”?

Teacher Sues to Carry Gun


2 Responses to “Teachers “Packin’ Heat”?”

  1. Daniel said

    Guns in school are not the answer. Couldnt she file a law suit against the school for not providing a work enviroment where she can feel safe to do her job. Maybe the school can hire its own security and monitor the classes. I know here in California that many schools have security and police officers on campus. There’s no way she should be allowed to have a gun at school though. No easy answer here for her.


  2. Odale said

    I agree,Daniel, and have thought much about this. Like you, I just cannot see that a teacher carrying a gun (especially now that everyone knows!) is the right way to go here. I wonder also why the husband is wandering around, working in schools if she is indeed afraid for herself and daughter!? (according to the article, “Teacher Sues to Carry Gun” in the above link.)It is getting to be such a complicated world and we cannot please everyone! :-) When I worked at the school, I had to protect my lunch and other personal belongings, much less a gun!

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