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2Chronicles7:14-“If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”

Wrestling Against Principalities, II

Posted by wordforit on October 4, 2007

An acquaintance boldly told a group gathering that she is a pagan. I later typed “pagan” in a search engine to be sure I understood and was a little surprised at the pages and pages of information. She had been raised in a Christian home but recently concluded that the Bible is a “boring history book”. I assure you, the Bible is not boring but one must study to receive the blessings it holds. It is, indeed, a history book, along with a prophetic and promising revelation. If it can be done, someone in scripture tried it before me! God love her, I will continue to be friendly toward her and love and pray for her to be safely returned to the Good Shepherd.

The principalities of Satan’s domain are powerful and I strive to be diligent. Sometimes it’s a struggle; they know our weaknesses: children, spouses, good or bad habits, or anything that could come between God and His family. As far as that goes, going to church can be a hindrance as much as not going, given the right circumstances. Prayer and intercession is ever necessary!

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Every time an individual commits or speaks against “good”, an “evil” spirit is given permission to act. In a previous post, I mentioned using God’s name in front of the word damn. What we speak does matter, we will give an account for idle words, and asking God to damn a person or situation is valid.

One cannot help but notice how often we hear about a Hollywood star, an athlete or a politician having some sort of weakness of the flesh causing them distress. When these matters are publicized and apologies are forthcoming, I cannot help but wonder if they are sorry or just sorry they were caught; it is not important in a gossip context, it is important in a repentance to God context. You may think it is not anyone’s business but in the way of concern and praying for others, it is everyone’s business. My relationship with God is personal but I have a responsibility to make it public and it is even more so in being a public figure.

Luke 12:48 …to whom much is given, much will be required…paraphrased. Public icons are who many gauge their actions by as to how bad, not so bad or good they are. If I go by how often some of them have been in rehab or cited for drinking and driving, I look like a saint. Considering the very personal “love lives” that are no longer a taboo topic, I certainly am boring by those standards.

It is the same in everyday life. I know someone who has been to prison for being a DUI habitual violator, but he got another one when he came home for driving his tractor, while drunk, down Main Street.

Does that put me on a higher level against human frailty? No, it should cause me to think about the things I have not corrected or not been caught doing. James 2: 4-10. I am as susceptible to do evil as the person standing beside me in the grocery store intending to rob the place. Even though I would not commit robbery in the same sense, when I do not stand up for righteousness, I am committing a more serious type of robbing others of the joy and peace Jesus will impart.

There are conflicting emotions in knowing when and where to speak. Satan is overwhelming so many facets of society that persecution and prosecution is a viable threat to anyone who brings biblical principles in to a public discussion. However, Matthew 24:12 lets me know that God expects iniquity to permeate and that people will care less about each other. It is neither His plan nor His fault; we are allowed free will and are allowing the demon hosts to create confusion. Our super-knowledge is actually causing weakness in the spirit and much dissension. We know so much yet reject basic principles of right and wrong in many areas of our culture.

The next time you watch TV, read the newspaper or something on the internet, ask God for a spirit of discernment.

These are a very few examples of the deceptions coming at us from these “principalities” and, as is noted in several Bible verses, “gird yourself“, “watch and pray” and be “ever diligent” to seek God’s guidance.

Wrestling Against Principalities, I


3 Responses to “Wrestling Against Principalities, II”

  1. marlajayne said

    Lots of thought provoking stuff here. What I kept thinking about while reading this is that Satan is smooth and seductive as he leads us down the wrong path(s). He makes things look so enticing, so much fun, and so harmless that we might find ourselves crossing the line into his territory. Once there, he’ll dessert us like the fair weather friend he is.

  2. Odale said

    Yes, and I am thinking how much money influences… have you seen those who suddenly don’t need God? It’s heartbreaking to see anyone reject the Savior. I read in an article the other day that a certain televangelist laughed backstage about taking an elderly lady’s last five dollars… (his son and another worker reported it(?) He just built a mansion …that’s one EXCUSE people use to reject the message. I wonder if they know how much Satan is laughing.

  3. marlajayne said

    When I hear stories like this, I just remember that we ALWAYS reap what we sow, if not in this life, then in the next. This trusting little old lady makes me think of the widow’s mite story in the New Testament, and I have to believe that she’ll have her mansion in the sky, so to speak. The televangelist…well maybe he’ll have a hovel on the outskirts of the pearly gates.

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