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“The Hoke”

Posted by wordforit on September 21, 2007

For all the times I rolled my eyes (in jest, Mom!) or thought someone was nuts for being so attached to their pet, I’m sorry. Pets are good for the soul.

Ever since “The Hoke” came to live with me, we have chased roosters, caught crickets, moved curtains, bought toys (and treats…shhh), rearranged my office, nailed boards, dug holes, and ran, not walked, all over the property to accommodate him. I have cooked innumerable eggs in my lifetime, but never for a dog. I do now.

He is a joy to me with his, “I am only fluent in puppy, but I will look interested because I love you.” expression, and the way he follows at my heels, literally, from one room to the next. I can get him to go anywhere if I’m carrying a plate, even if it’s empty.

Being skittish does not deter him from letting me know if anything moves, including if I’ve parked my car in a different spot. If anyone comes in Hokes’ yard, he is upset for quite a while after they are long gone.

But, oh, the love, hugs, and kisses he loves to give me! He wants to be held like a baby and cuddled and rubbed so he has learned to trust me to bathe him or tell him to “Come this way” when we are outside, but I am learning more than I am teaching. Patience, for one important thing!

This is the first time I have had a dog in the house. Actually, for his own safety, he has to be an indoor pet. Pomeranians have a big-dog identity complex and I do not want him tangling with the opossums and foxes traveling though our property. There is not a shadow of doubt in my mind that he would start running his mouth about them taking the same route they have been taking long before he lived here, but he does not have the experience or wherewithal to back up his tantrum.

I inherited this little Pomeranian because the original “parents” could not keep him. It has turned out to be a gift I never could have afforded…priceless. I call him Hoke, which is short for Okey-Dokey-Hokey-Pokey. If you are familiar with the hokey-pokey dance then you know why I named him such.

I think it’s Pomeranians I have seen in circus photos…


2 Responses to ““The Hoke””

  1. dogslol said

    “The Hoke” is super cute!!! You should post more pics of him!

  2. Odale said

    Thank you! He’s only 10 mos and is still getting used to “the world”. It is by accident that my mom and niece have his brothers and we compare notes as if we’re talking about children! ;-)) I’m sure you know what I mean after seeing yours!

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